Multi store loyalty solution

Cloud based multistore loyalty program providing real flexability.

Harness the power of the cloud to deliver a professional business loyalty platform. Your solution is hosted in our secure datacentre. Each participating store accesses the solution in real time providing a true multi store program. You can administer your program from our cloud login and changes can be instantly rolled out to participating stores.

There are several methods for users to earn points, either using your own branded cards or keyrings etc, a smartphone, tag, e-mail address or simply their phone number. The scheme doesn't require a card. Balances are updated in real time as each transaction is processed.

You can setup new member welcome points that will automatically be added to the users accounts upon joining the program. You can also set bonus points multipliers for different days of the week encouraging better trade during quiet periods.



Multistore availablitity

Intelligent recognition loyalty - card, tag, e-mail or phone number

Track loyalty performance in each store

Cloud based solution

Dedicated secure management cloud portal

Automatically assign welcome points for new members

Set bonus points by days of the week

Personalised welcome receipts, sms messages and e-mails

Automatic marketing analytics

Developer API available