Visual POS Prep Station

Install a Visual POS Prep Station in your kitchen, bar -- or any station you like.

These systems are available in touchscreen and bump-bar options allowing you to choose the solution that fits your environment. A Bump-bar is a control panel for your Prep Station that allows you to install the screen overhead or in areas that cannot be reached and still be able to operate the station. Prep Stations remove the need for paper and printers, but you can still have the option should you want to print.

View and manage orders without paper.



Speeds up order allocation to kitchens & bars

Break-out orders so only required products appear on screen

Slow and overdue order alarms

Order preview tool

Remove printers & paper from your workspace and storerooms.

User login tracking & reporting

No printer paper re-loads required

Large easy-to-read fonts

Touchscreen and bump-bar options

Review processed orders

Order receipt printing option

Track order processing times