Feature rich systems to control your business



A market leader in point-of-sale technology. Includes essential features to achieve the best return on your investment. Enhanced security features, extensive reports, caller-ID options, store-card system, customer database and much more.more

Fine Dining

All the advantages of Visual POS Classic, with restaurant layout maps, handheld ordering pads, restaurant & waiter reports, split billing options, hotel interface option. Add order taking stations to your shop floor for easy order entry. O-Pods are a cost effective way of adding non-cashier stations.more

Driver Stations

Add more power to your Visual POS System. Driver stations allow you to control the delivery portion of your business with ease. Track overdue orders, driver payments, and get comprehensive reports.more

Prep Station

Add a Visual POS Prep Station to your system and send orders directly to your kitchen. Orders can be split by product and sent to different prep screens and printers. Remove paper and printers from your kitchen!more

Digital Menu Boards

Display your menu, messages and promotions using the latest technology in digital menu boards. Supports multiple media types including, movies, flash, images. Schedule different media at different times during the day: breakfast, lunch dinner, daily specials -- whatever suits your business. Changing a price on your EPOS to update your menu board -- no more expensive printing costs!

Access Point

Access Point employee time & attendance tracking for Visual POS. Employees can use the same card to login to other Visual POS systems and registers allowing you full control of employee access to your data.more

CCTV Digital Video Recording (DVR)

Integate a digital video recording system with your Visual POS System. Protect your staff and your business from theft or false claims. VisualPOS-Scan will output text onto video clearly displaying sales information and user activity.more

Stock Control

Visual POS Stock Control allows you to manage Stock easily. Create orders from your Suppliers fast. The Ordering Wizard automatically creates orders when stock levels reach user-defined targets.more