Fine Dining

If you provide table service then Visual POS Fine Dining is for you.

Integrated table layout maps and tracking, with the option of Visual POS Mobile handheld ordering pads for waiters, and all the features of Visual POS Classic makes this a flexible and future proof solution. Features like multiple price levels and price scheduling mean you can handle takeaways, deliveries and collections as well as dine-in orders. Kitchen and bar order breakout and split table options are just some of the features.

Visual POS Fine Dining integrates with integrated credit/debit card processing, driver stations, prep stations, Back Office, stock control, camera systems giving you a fully scalable solution.



Create multiple restaurant layout maps for each floor or section

Split table bills

Integrates with Visual POS Mobile handheld ordering pads

Send orders directly to kitchens & bars

Allows you to take all type of pizza orders including split and half pizzas

Restaurant reports by waiter or table

Stores all of your customers phone numbers, addresses

Customer Database & Address Assistant

No more hand-written dockets

Easy ordering system -- with full on-screen menu.

Can handle mulitple separate menus (lunch, early bird, dinner, etc.)

Detailed comprehensive reporting

Recall orders at the touch of a button

Retrieve customer mailing lists and print instantly

Customer loyalty programs

Caller-ID ready

Electronic gift vouchers & store cards with top-up option

Optional integrated or stand-alone driver & prep stations

Connects to Visual POS Back Office

Supports multiple price levels

Output user data to digital video systems

Can record staff time & attandance (requires Visual POS Access.point)